Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Zoya Matte Velvet: Savita

Hello guys!  Whew dare I say this is the third post of the week, and in a row, too!  Crazy.  I have been slightly addicted to YouTube lately and can't seem to get off Zoella's channels!  Why is she the cutest thing?  Anyone else watch her? Also, I'm totally getting caught up with Grace Helbig.

Well, about the nails for today!  I have another Zoya Matte Velvet shade, and I know I said I would test it out with matte topcoat, but I forgot.  I have had a horrible brain lately. This is Zoya Savita, the royal purple matte shade.  It looks like it has some micro shimmer that is pink in there, as well.   I used two coats and found this shade took a bit longer to dry.  Also this one did wear a whole lot better than the last one I tried.  While I did have some corner chipping, it wasn't anything compared to the mess of the other shade.  So thats a plus!

You can find these polishes here!  Anyone pick them up?


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