Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Zoya: Harlow

Hey all!  I hope your weeks are going well.  Mine has been a little long, so I'm looking forward to it being over.  I am also feeling slightly off, so I hope I'm not getting sick again!  Oh this time of year.

Today I have a Zoya Matte Velvet polish.  They recently re-released these as they were such a big hit before.  I didn't have any from the initial release, so I decided to pick some up this time around.  I picked up just three, and I am already thinking of going back for the rest.  This is Zoya Harlow.  An orchid color that dries with a matte finish and has a shimmer to it.  I used two coat.  Now, the formula was a bit tricky.  You have to work kind of quick with matte polishes as they start drying and don't level out as nice as regular polishes.  Quick brush strokes is the way to go with these.  Also the wear on this is very poor.  While I LOVE this polish and I think it is gorgeous, it chipped the next day so badly.  Granted, I was at work, but it was terrible chipping.  I wonder if a matte topcoat would extend wear time?  Anyone ever try that?  I'll try it with the next one I wear.  They really are gorgeous, so it was a sad day to see that.

You can find Zoya Nail Polish here!  Anyone else get this or any of the other shades?

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  1. Its gorgeous so bummer to hear it chipped so fast.


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