Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: I keep meaning to...

Hey guys!  I am sorry for my absence as of late.  I will explain a little more tomorrow since Tuesdays are dedicated to Twinsie Tuesday!  This weeks' prompt is a little challenging.  I knew that there was so many designs I wanted to do. Yet, when the time came to do my post, I couldn't think of any of them!  It drove me nuts.  I finally settled on this design...

I first saw this on Instagram, via @anya_sobko.  I thought it was such an interesting design.  I started out with a base of Picture Polish Beige.  While the polish was still wet, I took Picture Polish Bonkers and just lightly dropped the brush to the nail.  The polish would drip onto the nail and spread since the base was wet.  It gives the nail a sort of diving cell design.  I love it!  I especially love the colors I picked, since it kind of looks like blood, and Halloween is coming up! Stephanie, from A Little Polish did this design a few weeks ago for another Twinsie Tuesday posts, so I am copying a bit! Sorry Stephanie!

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  1. I love this! These colors look so pretty together and this technique is so much fun!

  2. Love the color combination too! I've tried this technique before and really like it too. Mine reminded me more of a pebble stone walkway though.

  3. This is such a cool look, I will definitely be looking up how to try it!

  4. So cool! I have this on my To Do List as well!

  5. What an interesting look! Love that nude base on you.

  6. I've been wondering how this design is created. Great job!

  7. It's not copying! LOL - I love this technique to create a really fun and different look :)

  8. I love this look and the colors!


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