Friday, October 17, 2014

Picture Polish: Magenta

Hey guys!  I have to apologize for the serious lack of posts.  I have been picking up extra hours at work, and this week was my boyfriend's birthday.  Plus I was finishing one of my classes for the semester.  I have just been busy!  You might see a few less posts a week as well.  I will try to keep up, but its proving not to be as easy.  And if anywhere in my life can lack, this is unfortunately the place that will take the hit.

Anyway!  Onto some nails.  I have pictures taken and edited, its just the post writing that im slacking on.  This is Picture Polish Magenta, from their Rocky Horror collection. This is a great color for fall!  It is a brown leaning burgandy shade.  I used two coats and it was flawless!  I have next to no clean up on this one.  I was very impressed with this one, as I always have colors like this that bleed into my cuticules and stain.  However, I experienced none of that with this shade.

Im really wishing I had picked up the rest of this collection!  Maybe I can do a search for the remaining shades!  I purchased this one throught Llarowe.

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