Monday, October 20, 2014

OPI: How Great Is Your Dane?

Ah yes!  Another post!  I'm doing so well so far!  Haha, it was so sad to only have two posts last week.  But, Im working on it.  I swear!

Today, I have  a bit of a short post for you all.  So while its here, its just light.  Haha!  I have OPI How Great Is Your Dane? from the fall Nordic collection.  There was so many great polishes in this collection and this is one of them.  The last one of them that I have, actually.  It is a chocolate brown polish that has some gray undertones.  So while some browns are more warm, this one is a bit cooler.  I used two coats and application was great! I also took these photos with a few days of wear, and unless you're looking closely, you can't tell a difference!  Its a great staple for this wintery months ahead of us, too!

How do you guys like this one?


  1. This is one of my favorites from the entire collection :)


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