Monday, October 6, 2014

OPI: DS Tourmaline

Hey guys!  Another week starting off.  I had a very enjoyable weekend.  I was actually off work on Sunday for a change.  My mother and I went shopping as her birthday is coming up.  She treated herself to some new work clothes and I treated myself to polish!  Haha, of course!  It will probably be my last polish splurge for a while as I have some exciting things coming up around Christmas.

One of the polishes I picked up was OPI DS Tourmaline.  This is from their Designer Series polishes so its a little fancier than your average OPI.  Inspired by October's precious stone, Tourmaline is a pink based jelly polish.  There are holographic and silver glitters all throughout.  Its is a pretty glitter heavy polish so the topcoat gets eaten a bit.  Its also a jelly consistency, so longer nails might want to layer it or add an extra coat.  I, myself, used two coats and that was good for me!

Anyone else pick up this shade?  Its a beauty!

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  1. This is a gorgeous color. I just love how it sparkles in the swatches here.


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