Friday, September 5, 2014

Picture Polish: Time Warp

Yes, cue that awesome song!  It was certainly stuck in my head the whole time I wore this polish.

This is Picture Polish Time Warp, from their Rocky Horror collection.  Is anyone else a fan of the cult classic?  I love it!  Its so fun and I will never resist dancing the Time Warp!  Time Warp the polish is a deep blackened base with purple and blue shimmer.  The shimmer is pretty intense.  I used two coats for this and loved it!  I has just filed my nails so it looked good on my fresh nubs!

Sorry for the short post today and the slacking on posts this week.  Its a bit of a schedule adjustment while I get the hang of my classes! I purchased this shade at Llarowe.


  1. Just so pretty! I love how deep and dark it is but in the light, the shimmer is just stunning here.

  2. Wow the shimmer really is intense! I love how deep the base is.


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