Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Picture Polish: Grace

Hey all!  Its Wednesday and I am finally starting to feel better.  Last week I came down with some nasty sinus issues.  I was quite miserable, though I got to the doctor early as not to prolong it.  I hate sinus season!  Everyone at work seemed to be going through something, too.

Today, I have another new release from Picture Polish.  This is Picture Polish Grace, a muted pink shade with strong holographic shimmer.  I used two coats for this and formula was perfect, though a little thin.  I also am loving the shade of this pink.  Its not quite baby pink but not sheer pink either.  It almost leans a little mauve.

I purchased this shade from Color4Nails.  Did anyone else pick this one up?


  1. Gorgeous swatches of this color! I really should get back into swatching, its been a while since my last one.

  2. I love how muted, yet sparkly this shade is! So pretty on you.


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