Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Curtain Nail Art

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  I wasn't quite sure what to call these, so I went with curtain?  Haha!

So, I received a new brand of polish in my last Ipsy bag.  Ipsy is a subscription bag that sends beauty products to you montly based off a quiz you take.  Along with some other goodies I got Pacifica Red Red Wine nail polish.  Their nail polish is 7-Free and 100% Vegan which is great.  I am all about all natural beauty when I can be.  This is the perfect fall red shade.  I needed to do nail art with is as soon as possible.  I ended up with this subtle look, but one I'm loving with my new shape!  I used a base of Essie Lady Like.  The two work really well together.  I was extremely impressed with how great the Pacifica polish was to work with.  I was a little iffy since I was doing nail art.  However, it was incredibly smooth to work with and was self leveling.  I am totally going to have to invest in more!

You can find Pacifica products here.

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  1. These are nice and great for fall! That wine/berry color you used is pretty.


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