Thursday, September 18, 2014

Different Dimension: Heavy Metals Fall Collection

Hey guys!  I feel like I have been a bit absent lately.  I swear I'm around and still doing nail stuff.  I'm also doing a whole lotta school stuff.  I do have an exciting post for today.  I recently recieved the Heavy Metals Fall Collection by Different Dimension!  All swatches are done with two coats of lacquer (except for the glitter toppers), base coat and no top coat.  Lets get to it!  The application on these were great, I had no dragging or anything like that.

Up first is Bold As Brass, a brass colored holographic metallic polish with green shimmer.  That green shimmer isn't showing up in my photos, but it will peak out in the sunlight!

Next is All That Glitters Is Not Gold, a yellow gold holographic metallic polish with silver shimmer.  Amazing!  I sometimes find that golds do not work well with me, but this is more of a muted yellow gold and it really looks good with my skin tone.  I am so happy to finally have a gold holographic that works for me.

This is Foiled Again, a gunmetal metallic holographic polish.  I am obsessed with this one!  It is definitely a favorite of mine in this collection.

Copper-Bottomed is a copper metallic holographic polish. Another shade that I usually have problems with, but this one works for me.  Metallics can be funny that way.

Silver Lining is a platinum silver metallic holographic polish.  Another star in this collection.  You can never go wrong with a silver holographic, and this one is beautiful!

Lastly of the holographics is Heart Of Rose Gold, a rose gold metallic holographic polish with added pink looking shimmer.  I have to say this is yet another favorite.  I am loving the added shimmer in this one, as well.

Next up are the two glitter toppers.  At first glance, these look similar.  However the differ in the base.  They accent any of the holographics in this collection very well.  This one is Pedal To The Metal layered over Silver Lining.  It has glitters in gold, gunmetal, silver, copper and broze.  This is the base that is a bit darker.

This is Hearts of Steel layered over Copper-Bottomed.  It contains glitters in gold, copper and rose pink.  The base in this one is clear.

What do you guys think?!  Tomorrow I will have the Halloween collection from Different Dimension up, so stay tuned!  This collection will be available September 26th from Different Dimension's Etsy Shop .

Products were provided to me for my honest review. 


  1. Gorgeous holos and such fun glitters!

  2. Gahhh, these are beautiful! I have really tried cutting back on my polish purchases, but these are seriously calling my name! Thank you for the gorgeous swatches and photos!


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