Friday, August 29, 2014

Picture Polish: Blue Dog

Hey everyone!  Its finally Friday and a holiday weekend!  This holiday weekend is very nice for me as its also the weekend of our local fair.  Fried food and the smell of horseshit...ahh fall!  Hahah!  I do love it, though.  Even though I will need extra cardio to work off all the fried oreos I eat this weekend, it will be so worth it!

Today I have Picture Polish Blue Dog for you all.  This was a collaboration shade with one of my favorite beauty bloggers Vampy Varnish.  Its a medium gray polish with subtle silver flecks and iridescent shimmer.  It really is so lovely!  I used two coats and formula was great.  The shimmer shifts with a blue in certain lightings and brings this polish to life!

I purchased this shade from Llarowe.  What do you guys think of it?


  1. This is very nice and great for the upcoming fall.

  2. This flakes are fantastic! *-* I will put it in my wishlist! :D


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