Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dollish Polish: The Angels Have The Phone Box

Hey guys!  Such an exciting few days!  This past weekend was the premiere of Season 8 of Doctor Who!  I have become such a Whovian this past year, so I was pumped to actually see a live premiere, not only of a new season but of a new doctor!  I loved the episode and I am so excited to see more of this new doctor.

For the occasion, I needed to wear Dollish Polish The Angels Have The Phone Box.  A tardis blue holographic polish.  This was released with her collection dubbed "The Ultimate Fandom Collection", from which I picked up a few polishes!  Haha!  I needed a Doctor Who polish in my collection desperately, so it worked out.  The Weeping Angels epidose is also one of the scarier episodes and one of my favorites.  They freak me out!  Best of the villians..well The Silence is up there too.  Haha! I used two coats of this and it was a little on the thicker side.  It has been on my shelf for a bit.  Though it was thick it was still okay to apply.  A beauty!

Did any of you watch Doctor Who on Saturday!?  What do you think of the new doctor!?  You can find Dollish Polish HERE.


  1. That's a gorgeous blue. I just love your swatches.

  2. This is beautiful, and I loved that episode too!


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