Thursday, July 10, 2014

OPI: Green On The Runway

While I am super into my bright colors and summer shades, I did get the entire OPI Coca Cola collection for my birthday from some wonderful ladies!  The collection has some stunning shades so I couldn't resist getting some of them in!

This is OPI Green On The Runway.  Inspired by Sprite!  Green On The Runway is a duochrome polish that is deep green and shifts to a brown red color.  I love that this is dark green, rather than some lime green or true Sprite color green.  I used two coats for this and formula was decent.  I did have some streaking, but it really wasn't an issue once it dried.  I love the specks of sparkle in this too!  A really lovely shade altogether.

Did anyone else pick up shades from this collection?


  1. This is my favorite color from that collection :)

  2. That's a interesting green! I like how it appears much more lighter when the light is on it too.

  3. just y cup of tea..when i want badass nails


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