Monday, July 28, 2014

OPI: Funny Bunny

Happy Monday, all!  I am officially back from vacation.  Its always a little bittersweet to come home.  I missed my cat so much and to cuddle with him made my day!  Yet, I really miss doing morning runs on the beach and sitting in the sun all day.  Its a catch 22.  But now I am back with nails, too!

I was gifted this polish during the Twinsie Tuesday birthday swap from one of the newer members Jessica at Blue Velvet Lacquer.  She was so sweet to not only get me this but also another beauty!  Thank you again, Jessica!  This is OPI Funny Bunny, a soft jelly white polish.  I needed this to get back to routine with my nails and it was perfect.  I used two coats.  Since this is a jelly polish, it was a bit streaky one the first one but the second leveled out.  I love the softness of this, its not quite stark white, but subtle white.  Really lovely!

What do you guys think of this?


  1. I hope you had a great time on your vacation, welcome back. I feel the same way about vacations, it's sad to come home but I miss my little kitty cats so much :) There's something about this polish this is so appealing, it's so squishy but it's really cool that it's a white. Definitely going on my wish list!

  2. Its very pretty. I really like how soft this white is too. Great to hear you had a wonderful vacation.


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