Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guest Post from @Pursuingpolishedperfection !

Another guest post today!  This one is brought to you by Lindsey from the Instagram account @pursuingpolishedperfection .  Lindsey contacted me when I had first asked for guest posts, asking if she could do one.  I was so excited as I needed one more!  I immediately searched her Instagram out and was super pumped for her to guest post.

Hi everyone!  My name is Lindsay, and normally you can find me on Instagram at @pursuingpolishedperfection (  I'm so excited to be guest posting for Kelly today while she enjoys her vacation!
I've never guest posted before, and was definitely a little nervous about coming up with a look that would do Tuxarina proud!  Kelly always has such great swatches and nail art, and her photography is fantastic!  As I tried to come up with ideas, I started by thinking about things that would normally be found on this blog...and it hit me!  Kelly is pretty much the queen of piCture pOlish, and she does some amazing work with studs.  I dug out two of my favorite PP shades (Peaches n' Cream and Honey Dew, paired them with my all time fave OPI My Vampire is Buff, and set to work.  Florals and polka-dots are my go-to look when I don't know what I want on my nails, so I played it safe and went with these two looks paired with some stripes.
The stripes were created using striping tape, I used a really small detail brush to do the flowers, and I used a medium sized dotting tool for the dots!  The lighter part of the flowers was created by mixing Peaches n' Cream with white polish.  Oh, and the studs are from Born Pretty Store (probably bought using Kelly's discount code!) - found in this ( set!

Thank you so much for letting me take over Tuxarina for a day, Kelly!  Hope your vacation is going well!
I hope to see a few of you over on Instagram soon!

Lindsey these are so cute!  And anyone who likes Picture Polish is a friend of mine!  Haha!  Thank you again for guest posting and coming up with such a cute manicure!

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  1. This is pretty! I love how girly it is but the studs adds some edge to the nails too.


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