Friday, July 25, 2014

Guest Post from Polished To Precision!

My last guest post is brought you by a wonderful lady, Tiffany from Polished To Precision.  Tiffany is not only a good friend, but a fellow Picture Polish addict.  This girl enables me!  Hahah!  I am so happy to have gotten to know her through our Twinsie Tuesday group and even more glad that she agreed to guest post for me!


by Me

Hiyah there lovely readers!!! My name is Tiffany and my blog is Polished to
. I was asked to guest post for my fellow Twinsie Tuesday
sister, while she is having fun on her summer vacation. I am a Native
Floridian and my family will be starting our new life in New England
in just a few days! I'm really excited but seriously afraid of the
cold weather and the snow. Sigh...I have no choice now, but the idea
of shopping for super cute winter scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters, and
boots is really exciting! Hehe!

When thinking of a post for Kelly, my mind immediately went to her
favorite brand, Picture Polish, which happens to be one of my
favorites as well. However, I decided to go against the obvious use of
a Picture Polish shade and attempt to recreate one of her manicures.
When looking through her manicures, I wanted to choose something that
I hadn't yet tried, so I went with this super cute pinwheel mani she posted a few
months ago.

For my version, I used a blue striper that was sent to me by Sally
Hansen for the pinwheels.

I added the dots using the bottom of a concealer brush, because I
wanted them to be larger than those provided with standard dotting
tool sets. The base of the nails are OPI Don't Bossa-nova Me Around. I
seriously LOVE this nude. I think it is absolutely flawless. The
formula, application, and color are absolute perfection.

I also added some holographic circular studs to the center of the
pinwheels, just as Kelly did in her manicure.

As you can see, my version varies from Kelly's because I only did the
pinwheels on two nails, when she did them on all of hers. I would like
to say this was by design, but that's just not true. I suck at nail
art and I tried several times to do them on my other nails and they
never came out right. I decided to scratch that idea and go with two
that I though were decent! LOL!

What do you think? I think it is okay, but I can definitely use some
practice in this area. I really like the look of pinwheels and I want
to try them again after I am settled in our new home.

Thanks so much for reading along! Sorry that I am a tad long-winded,
but I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to come by and
visit my blog sometime. You can reach me HERE.

Thanks so much Kelly! Have a blast for me too!

I think your pinwheels are amazing, Tiffany!  I loved that you recreated one of my favorite nail designs!  You definitely worked it right!  Thank you again for the guest post.

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  1. What fun pinwheel looking nails! Love the color combination too.


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