Thursday, July 17, 2014

Colors By Llarowe: Gemini Rising

Hey guys!  Only a few more days until I leave for vacation and I cannot wait!  A fews days off work and on the beach, not bad at all!

Today I have a bit of a love-hate polish.  This is Colors By Llarowe Gemini Rising.  I was dying to get this one once the swatches of the summer collection started to surface.  The green hue is so vibrant and eye catching, how can you not love it?!  I used two coats for this and the formula was perfect.  So easy to apply and topcoat did not dimish the holographic.  However, this is where the hate part comes in.  Once removed, I had the worst stained nails of my polishing career.  I have contacted Llarowe on this issue, as I had not heard of the staining issue before.  Maybe it was a bad batch, or what not.  With indie polishes you can have inconsistencies like that.  I have yet to hear back, but I will keep you all updated.  I am also including a picture to show you just how yellow toned my natural nails were after the wear of this polish.  I was extremely disappointed that a color so beautiful could do me so wrong.  I scrubbed for so long and was unable to get it out.  I ended up buffing my nails which did end up removing the staining.  I hate to buff my nails however, as it essentially removes a layer and makes them thinner.  O well, rather thin than nasty yellow toned!

You can purchase Colors By Llarowe here.  Has anyone else had such problems with this shade?


  1. So beautiful!!! Yikes on the staining. I haven't worn mine yet, so I will keep that in mind. Hopefully they respond to your concerns soon.

  2. Just an amazing green! That's a bummer to see that it stained your nails though.

  3. Beautiful color! Too bad about the staining. That sucks!

  4. I had the same staining with Gemini Rising. But worth it!


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