Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Favorite Indie Brand

Hey all!  Welcome to another Twinsie Tuesday.  This weeks prompt is Favorite Indie Brand, and my favorite will come as no shock, especially to my fellow Twinsies!

My favorite indie brand is Picture Polish!  Picture Polish is an Australian based nail polish line.  They are much bigger in Australia, but that doesn't mean the don't dominate here.  Their polishes are so amazingly made well and have such beautiful shades.  I find myself picking up each new one they release.  The company is really great too and they are easy to work with.  Its probably a good thing its based out of another country, or else I'd really have a problem!  This is Picture Polish Midnight Meteor.  Midnight Meteor is a perfect shade of navy blue with iridescent shimmer and a holographic shine.  I used to coats for this and had minimal clean up.  Formula was just as impeccable as any other shade I've used.  You can't beat that beauty!

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  1. Of course!!! HAHA!, But, how can you not love PP? They're amazing! I love this one, it's actually one I don't have! LOL!

  2. Beautiful polish (and you're right I knew this was coming :P )

  3. Haha, I knew it!!! :) I've tried one Picture Polish and I'm in love with it!

  4. No surprise here at all! This is gorgeous on you. I'm still mad about you and Tiffany not mentioning the sale.

  5. Surprise!!! LOL - This is such a gorgeous shade!

  6. Had a feeling it would be Picture Polish hehe. This one is gorgeous!

  7. This was expected, Picture Polish is always so pretty!

  8. Of course PP! But a beautiful one at that!


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