Friday, June 20, 2014

Picture Polish: Color Storm + Totes

Hey guys, happy Friday!  I hope everyone's weeks went well.  I am in much need of a relaxing weekend.  My life has become a little too much of : work, school, workout.  I'd like some time to myself!  Maybe some time for polish too!

Today I have a fun manicure to show off!  I recently picked up a few of the new Picture Polish shades and I thought they would go well together!  I started off with a base gradient with Picture Polish Totes and Illamasqua Scorch.  I then topped it all off with Picture Polish Color Storm, a vibrant mix of matte glitters that is a colorful display! I used just one coat of Color Storm and you can see that it covered nicely.  There was no glitter fishing.  I looked at my nails when I was finished and thought "these are clown nails"!  Haha!  They are just so bright and so colorful.  I loved the end result.

I purchased both Picture Polishes from Llarowe.


  1. Ah these are definitely Clown nails (but in a great way!!) I love them, the gradient is unreal and that topper is perfection in a bottle.

  2. super cute and festive!! not sure i'd choose yellow but they are lovely


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