Monday, June 9, 2014

OPI: Its A Girl

Hey guys!  I hope everyone's weekend went well.  Mine was mostly uneventful, just the usual work and nails!  Haha!  Today's polish is brought to you by the obsession of my mother.  She loves the nail color on one of the ladies from QVC.  She is constantly calling me into the room to show her the nail color and to ask me to find it for her.  You all have no idea how many subtle pink soft shades I now have in my collection because of it.  All just slight variations of the other.  All not the right shade shes looking for.

This is OPI It's A Girl, a medium pink jelly polish.  This is a soft shade so it goes on sheer.  I used just two coats for this and formula was great for a jelly polish.  More opaque than most.  I loved wearing this as a palette cleanser.  Though I do wish it was the magic shade we had been looking for.  I thought I had finally gotten it with this one!  No matter, though.  Just another great shade to add to my collection.

Anyone else get weird obsessions like that?


  1. After I saw Silver Linings Playbook, I was on google, every day, trying to find the nail polish that Jennifer Lawrence wore throughout the film. It was the perfect dark gray. I still haven't found out what it is!

  2. Aw, I love that you guys have a polish quest! This really is a pretty pink. ;)

  3. What a lovely light pink! This is gorgeous!


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