Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Born Pretty Store Chic Flower Water Decal Review

Hey, all!  I have another review from the Born Pretty Store.  They have so many great things for nail art.  I especially love the variety of water decals that they have.

I started out with OPI The 'It' Color.  Then for my accent nails, this time I used pointer and middle, I added the water decals.  The directions on these ones were a little off.  I wasn't exactly sure how to apply them to make them stick.  After some trial and error I was able to apply them by holding a wet cotton pad on the nails after soaking the decal for 10-20 seconds.  You also have to cut the pattern to fit your nail.  Its a rather small square, so if you have longer nails, you might need a set of these.  It worked OK for these as I was just using it as an accent.  The floral pattern is really cute.  There is some added glitter on some of the flower, which I though was cute.  The actual decal also melts away with acetone and remover, so that makes things easy.  Overall, another great water decal!

Here is the exact link to these decals:

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Product was sent to me for my honest review. 


  1. This combination is fantastic, I love that you used yellow :)

  2. That water nail decal is so pretty! I really need to try out their full nail ones since I've only tried the smaller ones. Nice combination with that OPI color too.

  3. very pretty orange and middlefinger came out cute


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