Monday, May 12, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014: Tickled Collection

Happy Monday, guys!  I am back with the rest of Zoya's Summer 2014 Collection.  This time is the Tickled Collection! These are all fun, bright colors that will add that much needed summer pop!  All of the Tickled Collection are cream polishes that dry to a glossy finish.  I used two coats for each color, and there was great formulas all around.  I will note that I thought Ling could be a one coater!  Super great coverage on that one.  They all are self leveling, as well.

Zoya Wendy:  a bright melon shade.  This one is pretty bright, so my camera kind of freaked out.  Its much more pastel coral in real life.

 Zoya Rocha: another bright shade, this time an orange-red.

 Zoya Rooney: a magenta pink, the undertones in this are more purple than the other pink (Kitridge) in this collection.

 Zoya Kitridge: a bright and vibrant pepto pink.

 Zoya Ling: an outstanding pastel royal blue.  That's how I would describe it.  Its a great, almost perfect, shade of blue.

 Zoya Tilda: another bright, this time in a grass green shade.

Wow!  I honestly cannot say which are my favorites.  I am blown away by this collection.  Bright pastel shades are really in for the summer months and these really hit the spot.  I really loved Tilda once I applied it, even thought at first glance I didn't love it.  Kitridge stood out to me immediately, and I am still swooning over it.  Ling, as well, really shocked me on how much I loved it.  I could go on for hours about these shades! These shades are all available for purchase NOW.  Find them at !

Which ones will you all pick up?  Any favorites from this bunch?

Products provided to me for my honest review. 


  1. orange is to die for, blue, hot pink and green are in the most amazing bold shades!


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