Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Nail Appliques

Hey guys!  I'm back with another Twinsie Tuesday post.  This week prompt is dedicated to Nail Appliques.  I've tried a lot of brands of these.  Sally Hansen has been the best one so far, that is easily found in stores near everyone.  But there are a ton of other ones out there!

These appliques are actually from a monthly subscription box called Nailed Kit.  The box comes with a set of appliques with a stud of some kind and a few sets of water decals.  A lot of stuff!  I actually tried the water decals and hated them, however.  They were much too thick and I could not get them to stick on my nail at all.  Because of that, I cancelled my subscription.  I am kind of regretting that now since these are the best nail appliques I've ever tried!  They are the perfect thickness and stickiness.  They stretch with enough give and don't rip easily.  These are just a lavender shade, and I love them! They also don't lip at the cuticle line, which is my biggest problem with nail appliques.  I have heard that they made changes to their water decals, so since I loved the appliques so much, I might return to my monthly subscription!

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  1. I love this colour! I doubt I'd go for a subscription seeing as I don't really wear nail strips at all but it'd be a great deal for those that like them. They can be quite expensive to buy in shops.

  2. It's a very nice colour and very girly :-)

  3. I really love this color!!!!

  4. Wow these look really good! They look like regular polish!


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