Friday, May 16, 2014

Picture Polish: Swagger

Hey all!  Its finally Friday, and I have another busy day.  Tonight, my little brother goes to prom! I actually get to go see him take pictures and things and I am excited.  Hes getting so big and this is his first prom!  I can't stop gushing to him, haha!  I just hope the weather holds out for them.

Today, I have a new shade from the Urban Shades collection by Picture Polish.  I was dying to get my hands on this collection, even though the names kinda bother me, the colors are insanely pretty!  This is Picture Polish Swagger.  Swagger is what I'm going to dub as neon periwinkle.  I have gotten so many compliments on this, it was weird!  Even men were complimenting me on it, which for a shade like this is unusual.  I used two coats for this, but if your careful you could use one.  That being said, the formula is great, obviously!  I just loved this shade.  What do you guys think?

I purchased this shade from Overall Beauty, but unfortunately, she will not be stocking Picture Polish any longer.


  1. This blue is an awesome shade!

  2. This is such a lovely shade!


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