Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Picture Polish: Darcy

Hello again, everyone!  I hope everyone's weeks are going well.  I have a busy work weekend starting today, so I hope I can get some posts done ahead of time for next week.  There won't be much time for nail painting.

Today, I have Picture Polish Darcy.  This was the last of the trio that was re-released from the Ozotic brand, but as the Picture Polish brand.  Darcy is a black polish with the scattered holographic shards throughout.  I used two coats for this and I had to be careful.  It was slightly thin, and I didn't want the black to get into my cuticle line.  Though, when it did, it didn't stain.  I love this polish, though it does remind me of Zoya Storm.  So while it might not be unique, it certainly is pretty!

I purchased this shade from Overall Beauty, though she is no longer selling Picture Polish.

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  1. Gorgeous polish. Reminds me of a dark starry sky :D


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