Thursday, May 1, 2014

Picture Polish: Borealis

Hey guys.  I apologize for the recent lack of posts. My grandmother passed recently, and it has taken up some of my free time helping my father prepare things and go through stuff.  She also lived out of state, so there was traveling issues as well.  I loved her very much and will miss her greatly.  She was a strong, independent lady and did what she pleased when she pleased.  I hope to be half the lady she was some day.

On a lighter, and much happier note, I have another Limited Edition Picture Polish to show off!  Today is Picture Polish Borealis.  Borealis is the sister polish to Aurora and she is just as stunning!  I layered Borealis over China Glaze Liquid Leather.  This one shifts from blue, to pink, to purple and even a little orange.  It also has those micro glitters with their own shifting personalities.  I'm in love with this one!  The formula on this is just as good as any other Picture Polish.  I only have one more of these 'galaxy like' Limited Editions to swatch and I'm a bit sad about it!

Did any of you snag up Borealis?  What do you think?


  1. Oh that's a really pretty one! I don't have any Picture polish. To be honest they are a lot more expensive than the polish I would normally get so it's hard to really test them out.

  2. This is a pretty polish. I've not got any of this brand either! Tho I've been tempted to get some!


  3. Sorry for your loss ♥ I'm sure you'll live up to her legacy :D
    As for this polish, it's gorgeous!!


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