Friday, May 2, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer: Love Is In The Air

Hey guys!  Its finally the weekend, and I couldn't be more happier about it.  I have been pretty busy, so I have just general life things to catch up on.  Laundry, blog posts, workouts.  Its rough getting back to the groove.  I also have finals coming up so that doesn't help matters!  Ugh hopefully by next week I'll feel more myself again.

I have another Liquid Sky Lacquer to show off.  I have really enjoyed the few polishes I have tried from this brand.  This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Love Is In The Air, a pink tinged white base with pink flakes throughout and a linear holographic.  I am in love with this!  I haven't painted my nails all week and this was the perfect thing to get me back into it.  Nothing too crazy, but a little sparkle.  I used two coats and the formula was a bit sheer, I could see people with longer nails needing three coats to cover any visible nail line.  Other than that it was self leveling and easy to apply.  The base in this is pretty interesting, too.  I sometimes feel like it leans pink, then sometimes purple and even just white at times.  I love it!

You can purchase Liquid Sky Lacquer here.  What do you all think of this shade?


  1. totally cute, good for a young teen as well and totally matching the name

  2. I love this polish. It's such a pretty colour! the formula is a but annoying but I suppose you could live with it :)

  3. This is so pretty! I love how soft it is.

  4. Such a dainty, elegant looking polish. Thanks for the review and fabulous photos!

  5. Oh, wow, what a beautiful polish! It's so delicate and so, so pretty. ♥


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