Friday, April 11, 2014

Picture Polish: Hope

Happy Friday, everyone!  You really didn't think I'd go a week without Picture Polish, right?  I'm pretty sure no week will be without it from here on out.  Its a serious addiction, and one that I thoroughly love.  At least I know I have one, right?  Admitting you have a problem is the first step to...wait no.  I'm good on just admitting the problem.

This is Picture Polish Hope.  One day I just decided I absolutely NEEDED this polish, so here I am.  This is an interesting shade.  A deep teal with the Picture Polish holographic shards along with blue hexes.  Those hexes are like hidden gems in this polish, hiding out until the light hits them just right and they get their chance to shine.  I want a million more shades like this!  I used two coats and formula was great.

I purchased this shade from Overall Beauty.


  1. wow! i didn't think blue flakes and sparkles would stand out so much and look so good on a black base, thanks for sharing!

  2. lol you crack me up, Kelly! I love that you never fail to show us a Picture Polish! :D This one is a beauty!


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