Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Picture Polish: Gravity

Hey guys!  I have another Picture Polish Limited Edition shade to show off today.  I had a minor panic attack before I painted my nails with this one, I couldn't get the bottle open!  I immediately ran down to my mom for some help, "Mom its Limited Edition, don't break it!".  A little psycho?  Maybe.  It eventually opened and put my mind at ease.

This is Picture Polish Gravity.  Gravity is another shifting polish and this one shifts from blue to an almost purple/pink.  I would say that this one is my favorite, but in all sincerity, they are all my favorite!  There's no way for me to choose.  Gravity also contains the holographic shards that I love so dearly.  I used one coat over China Glaze Liquid Leather, application was perfection.  I only have two more of these polishes to try and I wish they would never stop coming!  So stunning!  I can't wait to do some Doctor Who nails with this shade, it just seems perfect for it!  Or maybe that's because I'm coming off a 4 hour marathon?

How do you guys like this one?  Do you have a favorite yet?


  1. another starry night-like polish of yours! love it! stunning indeed, looks magical

  2. Whew glad you got it open! This is beautiful!


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