Monday, March 24, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixie Dust: Cosmo

Good morning, everyone.  Its a new week, and in fact its my Spring Break week!  I am grateful, as its a much needed break.  I'm also taking a small trip, so that'll be fun!

Today, I have for you Zoya Magical Pixie Dust in Cosmo.  This one was what really attracted me about this collection.  Its a champagne-silver color that includes those amazing holographic hexes.  This is a textured polish, and its a chunky one.  I've said before that the textured faint at heart won't care for these.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a chance!  Cosmo is a lovely polish and looks like crushed gems on your nails.  I used two coats for this and application was easy.  No issues!  I can't wait to incorporate these into many upcoming manis!  I included a bonus blurry, up close shot to show off that glitter!

You can find these on Zoya's Website.


  1. I had heard of this one and it is as amazing as the name promises! I find it absolutely stunning and magical, and it looks precious too. I'd love to have it. I have appreciated the close-up pic a lot, especially for this polish, and your skin looks more tanned and lovely. At a first watch the pics showed a beautiful messy bunch of hexes and I can defenetly see what you mean when you say it is textured, but I'm very very surprised to hear that you just had to put a couple of coats, because it also looked like you had to cumulate a good amount o coats to reach this pigmentation and not free spots on your nail, very good to learn I was wrong. My thumbs up for more close-up pics like this one, in all next posts.

  2. P.S. I am very amused by the fact that you keep changing your head banner with the title and the sentence below, a bit confusing that you do that so often but fun.

  3. This is beautiful! Enjoy your Spring Break!! :D


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