Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Winter to Spring Transition Polish

Hey guys!  Its that time of the week, Twinsie Tuesday!  Its also time for another transition polish post.  We have done these in the past during each change of season.  Lets take a look at Winter to Spring Transition Polish!

For this week's prompt I picked Essie Mint Candy Apple.  Mint Candy Apple is a must have for any polish lover's collection.  Its your classic mint shade.  It actually might have been one of the firsts.  It is definitely one of my favorite polishes and I've gone through multiple bottles of it.  I picked it for the Winter to Spring Transition Polish since mint is a great color almost all year round.  Its not too bright for winter, yet this pastel shade is great to get your mood up for spring.  Since I'm pushing spring more so than ever, I added some small dried flowers in purple.  I recently bought these at Amazon ( I'll link below! ) and was dying to use them, yet the cold weather and small snow flurries are still plaguing Ohio.  It didn't feel right to use them, up until now!  I loved this mani and now I can't wait to use the rest of the set.  I got the idea for this mani from Wacky Laki.

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  1. I love this look!!!! The dried flowers are an excellent touch!

  2. These are really pretty! I love it!

  3. How pretty! I just love the way you used the flowers!

  4. Mint candy apple is beautiful on you!!

  5. Blue seems to be a popular shade this week. Pretty mani.

  6. i love the color and the fact that it stands out in this mani without being a bold swatch. it reminds me of ice mint mouth refreshing chewing-gums, but I don't agree it's a typical mint color, but i do agree it is a perfect transition one, good for both winter and spring. the dried flowers are genius: so creative and unique. i have never even thought of incorporating them into manis, and i'd try now if i just wasn't that scared of doing a mess. great job!

  7. This is so cute with the actual dried flowers you used!

  8. I'm so into mint right now! This is a great mani.

  9. and here I thought you were going to pick a picture polish for this post. Loveee this manicure. Mints are my favorite. I need them all. Oh, and those added flowers, looove it!

  10. Mint Candy Apple! Great polish pick :D Those flowers are so beautiful! I really like how you have the accent with more flowers than the other nails!

  11. I almost picked Mint Candy Apple too! Love this mani Kelly! Gorgeous!!!!

  12. Oh, I love this!! Minty teals are always just my favourite shades, and these periwinkle flowers are a beautiful touch!

  13. I reallllllly love this! Those dried flowers look awesome on you!

  14. LOVE that base color - its a big fave of mine right now!


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