Monday, March 10, 2014

OPI: I Don't Give A Rotterdam!

Hey, all!  I have a bit of a throwback polish for today.  This is back from OPI Holland Collection in 2012.  I had picked up just a few when it initially released.  However, my Ulta still has a few mulling around that they haven't sold up yet.

This is OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam! It seems to be a trend with this collection that they all have long names.  Haha!  I Don't Give A Rotterdam! is a dusty blue color with gold and silver shimmer.  I don't know what it was that drew my eyes to this polish so long after its initial release, but I saw it one day and needed it.  However, I didn't even buy it that day.  It took me about eight trips to Ulta to finally purchase it?  I don't know why maybe I was just feeling polish needy that day.  Plus, with these collections, you need to buy up the ones you love before they are gone forever and become hard to find/ridiculously expensive. (Ah hem, Absolutely Alice, Mad as A Hatter) I used two coats for this and application and formula were great.  No complaints here!

What do you guys think of this subtle shade?  Did you pick it up?


  1. This is beautiful! haha OPI and their long names :D

  2. adoring the name and the color looks pretty, unique and strong


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