Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scallop Tips

Good morning, everyone!  I have been really craving girly nail since the Valentine's season is here.  I know that I've had a lot of Picture Polish on the blog, but I've been trying to incorporate them into nail art!

I started with a base of Picture Polish Twinkle.  Twinkle is a really unique lavender shade.  I don't even want to call is lavender, since it has such a pink lean to it.  There's a subtle shimmer of pink in this, too.  I used two coats, and found it to be a bit thick.  It actually could be a one coater, if your careful.  I then went in with my tiny nail art brush and OPI Alpine Snow to do some scalloped tips.  I loved the end result, I wish I wore it longer, but I have different plans for my nails on Valentine's Day.

How do you all like this design?


  1. This is so feminine and girly! I love it!

  2. adore it. sweet and simple. neat and cute and super easy and quick to do.


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