Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OPI: Push and Shove

Hey guys!  I still have this last polish to show off from the OPI Gwen Stefani collaboration.  This collection was really a great one.  It also gave us this rare chrome like polish!  Lets take a look...

This is OPI Push and Shove.  This polish has really been making waves in the nail community, lately.  Everyone lusts after the famous mirror finish on their nails, and as far as polish goes, this is the closest we've seen yet!  Push and Shove is sold with its own small bottle of a base coat called Lay Down That Base.  In order to apply Push and Shove, you need to have the accompanying base coat.  If you use any other base coat, the polish will sort of disintegrate on the nail.  Also, wait until your first coat is completely dry until applying the second.  That is if you feel you need a second coat.  I ended up using two coats.  This polish has great coverage with just one coat.  This is also a chrome polish that will show every imperfection on the nail.  I have just a few ridges, and they do show up.  I buffed my nails beforehand to get some of them out.  The packaging also states that this is a one night only wear polish.  I wore mine for a few days as it only had a little bit of tip wear.  Though, by the end of the second day it was pretty bad.  I just loved this so much, I didn't want to take it off!  I didn't use topcoat, it didn't seem to make a difference either way, so I didn't waste the time or energy in it.  Overall, this is kind of a high maintenance polish but I believe it's worth the trouble.  The mirror finish is really unique and unlike anything I own.  Hopefully OPI will grace us with a gold one soon..!

Did anyone else pick up Push and Shove?  Worth the trouble, or pass?


  1. I really want this polish :P I know it'll chip really quickly and it'll look kind of crap if I have ridgy nails but it's so pretty when it's done right. I second the need for a gold one! It would look so cool.

  2. I normally don't tend towards silver polishes, but this one is just so striking that I really want it in my collection!

    xo Glazed Over


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