Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OPI: Amazon...Amazoff

Hey guys!  So, OPI just released their new Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil Collection. I went a little nuts and bought all but two.  The colors are just so eye appealing, I couldn't help myself.  I even went out the day the collection was released, not even expecting my Ulta to have it in stock yet.  They aren't really great on getting the new collections in right away.  Much to my surprise, they had them!  And, better yet, I had a coupon.  So, 10 seconds later I walked out with some serious polish.

OPI Amazon...Amazoff is a deep shimmery teal shade.  I was immediately drawn to this shade when the press release came out.  It was just what I wanted for the transition from winter to spring.  Its actually nothing like anything in my collection.  Formula wise, this is perfect.  Really nice with a self leveling formula.  However, this shade stains.  I've seen some ladies have staining on their actual nail, mine was just bad on my cuticles.

How do you guys like this shade? Be ready to see the rest of this collection!


  1. Your swatch shows off the shimmer so well!

  2. Gosh, this is gorgeous!

  3. i love the name of this one. i think it is not easy and not for everyone to wear. very unique and interesting color.


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