Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dainty Polka Dots with Gold Accent

I know, that title is a bit of a mouth full?  I couldn't think for the life of me what to call these nails!  Haha!  Good morning to you all!  I hope everyone's week is going smoothly.  Today, I have a little bit of nail art for you all!

I have been wanting to try the dainty polka dot look I've been seeing around lately.  And since dainty nails seems to be my thing this year, it seemed right up my alley!  I started with a base of Essie Chinchilly, the perfect medium gray color.  I then went in using my smallest dotting tool to do the polka dots in OPI Alpine Snow.  I had some trouble doing the small polka dots.  You can see that some of them are not uniform with the rest.  I definitely need to practice getting them all the same size.  I added some OPI Liquid Sand in Honey Rider for my accent nail and am dying over how much I love the gray and gold together.

Well, what do you all think of the dainty polka dot look?


  1. i'm not sure what dainty means but i think i'm more into bigger polka dots. i love dotting though and this base color. waiting for your comments.

  2. Grey and fold look awesome together! I really like your cute dots!

  3. Totally adorable! I love those delicate little dots, and the gold is just beautiful!

  4. This looks so delicate and pretty. Gray and gold are a magical combination!


I always love to read the comments and see what people think! Thanks so much for doing so! :)