Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Dotticure featuring Picture Polish & Zoya

Good morning, lovelies! I have really been uninspired for nail art lately.  It's completely uncalled for, I do a lot to get inspired.  I'm on Pinterest, Instagram and all sorts of social media to check out everyone's nail art and see what I can try myself.  I have a ton of photos saved to my phone of things I want to try out.  I finally sat down with intent to do something new.

I decided to go with what the nail world calls a 'dotticure'.  Its basically a mani made up of dots.  There's a ton of different ways to do a dotticure, but I went with this design.  It is made up if smaller dots that make a pattern.  I kept it simple in a way and just did a triangle style.  I used Picture Polish Hot Lips and Zoya Odette for the polishes.  Hot Lips is an amazing neon pink color so I paired it with the neutral Odette.  Both are lovely and really complement each other nicely.  I just used one of my smaller dotting tools for this and it worked very well.  I was glad to get back on the nail art horse.  Hopefully, I'll be able to do more and more!

What do you guys think of this dotticure?!


  1. really pretty! I would never think to pair odette with such a bright pink!

  2. this mani is really interesting in the choice of colors and base. it remindis me of a snake or an amphibious, in a pretty way.

  3. Great dotticure! I love that you made the triangle pattern with the dots :D


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