Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Original vs.Sin

Hey guys!  So I have a bit of a different post for you all, today.  Don't kill me, but its not nails!  I have actually been expanding my make up lately.  For a long time I didn't really wear makeup.  I had my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and that was enough for me.  Then I expanded and picked up the Theodora and Glinda palettes.  I had a few issues of my eye makeup getting into my crease, so I did a little research and found out about Urban Decay's eye shadow primer.

I had Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original for a long time.  For Christmas, my sister and I each got the Naked2 palette by Urban Decay.  I then started venturing out and looking at the different shades of Primer Potion that Urban Decay had.  I ended up picking up Sin, a champagne color.  I have noticed a few differences other than color with the two, so I thought I would share them.  First off, if you don't have Urban Decay's Primer Potion, go to the store and get some now.  Its literally worth every penny.  My eye makeup lasts the entire day.  I'm talking from 8 in the morning to 11 at night.  Its crazy good.  I love it.  The original matches my skin tone almost to the T, so at times, I'll just use that with some eyeliner on a lazy day.  Its texture is nice and not sticky in the slightest. The color Sin, like I said, is a champagne color.  It has some sparkle to it.  This is a more recent purchase for me, so I'm still playing around with it. However, I did notice that this doesn't wear as long as my Original does.  It does last long, don't get me wrong. Just not the whole time that my Original does.  I find that towards hour 6 or 7 I have a bit of creasing in my shadow.  The texture is a bit different, too.  With Sin, I need a bit more on my eye lid.  Overall, they are amazing products and I recommend them to anyone.  I just found the differences to be worth noting!

On left: Sin    On Right: Original

Has anyone else noticed the subtle differences between the two?  Does anyone else use Urban Decay Primer Potion?


  1. I've been noticing that the primer potion in Eden doesn't hold nearly as well as my original formula either. Interesting about Sin being the same way. Good to know!

    xo Glazed Over

  2. everyone says miracles about that. i just had a super tiny sample with my ud deluxe palette and was disappointed. maybe they just put too little product, almost nothing, but i couldn't even layer it on my skin, maybe it had just a bad brush but i immediately stopped using it.

  3. I used to use UDPP but my go-to lately has been Fergie By Wet N Wild Take On the Day primer in For My Primas. It's amazing and only $5. I tell everyone about it.

  4. I've never tried Sin before...but this is good to know :D I really like the original!


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