Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Nail Care Rountine

Good morning, gals!  For today's Twinsie Tuesday prompt, its something a little different.  We all have our special go to routine when we do our nails.  Whether you buff, file, oil up or what ever!  You do it.  This week, I'll take you through my little routine when doing my own nails!

I start off with Sally Hansen Vita Surge Strength Gel.  This is a product that you rub onto your nail bed.  It doesn't really have a smell or anything strange like that and really the gel is almost fluid.  It makes it easier to rub in and get absorbed by the nails.  I really do notice a different with my nails by using this.  I've probably been using it for about a year now and have bought several bottles.  Next up, I really moisturize my cuticles with LUSH Lemon Flutter Cuticle Butter.  I have talked about this product but it really is amazing.  A nice lemon scent and very moisturizing, especially during these winter months.  I notice the results right away with this. Thirdly, I used CND Solar Oil.  This is dubbed as being good for not only your cuticles but also your nails.  I use this along with the LUSH product because I think, combined, they do wonders for the nails. I can never get enough moisture for my nails and since I've been using them together, my nails have never been the same.  In a good way of course!  I always finish up my nail care routine with some sort of hand cream.  Right now I'm using this Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Hand Cream.  My mom got both me and my sister this for Christmas and I really love the smell of it.  She actually has a larger bottle of it that might go missing sometime in the near future..haha!  After all of that I'm ready to polish those tips for all the fun posts you see here daily!

I look forward to seeing what everyone else's nail care routine with the rest of the Twinsies! I always find it interesting!

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  1. Interesting! I have never seen that VitaSurge gel before. Looking to strengthen up my nails and I think I'll have to give this a shot!

    xo Glazed Over

  2. I'm so intrigued about the VitaSurge!

  3. I haven't heard much about VitaSurge before but after reading a lot of great reviews about it, I'm definitely going to check it out!

  4. I've heard so many great things about the Lush butter. I had no clue it was so pricey.

  5. I am always looking for a good base to help my nails be stronger I may have to check out this VitaSurge

  6. Great routine! Mmm I'd love to smell the hand cream!

  7. I want to try Josie Maran and Lemony Flutter! They both sound so amazing!

  8. Love Lemony Flutter but I have never heard of the VitaSurge. Seems really interesting!

  9. I haven't heard of VitaSurge. I love Lemony Flutter.


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