Monday, January 20, 2014

Picture Polish: Paradise

Happy Monday, all!  Yes, yes, yes its another Picture Polish.  I promise I really am switching it up, it just happened that this was the next polish in line to post.  I have a little bit of a system with my 'new and untried' pile.  Let's take a look!

This is Picture Polish Paradise.  Paradise is a really unique shade.  I was going to wear this on its own, but it really is a bit sheer.  The base is almost a metallic shimmery blue.  I layered this over OPI Incognito in Saulsalito, a dark navy cream.  While the base is Paradise is blue, it shifts to an almost green over this dark base.  There is also micro glitter in this base of blue, purple and some pink.  This gives it a really nice shifting effect.  To top it all off, add in some coral holographic glitters.  Its amazing!  I wore this for so many days and was sad to remove it.  I was glad to add another beauty to my Picture Polish Collection!  The formula on this is really nice.  Like I said, it is sheer, but it goes on really smooth with easy control. I really want to try it on its own soon!

What do you all this of Picture Polish Paradise.  I purchased this shade from Llarowe.


  1. this is really nice, a balck with a twist. why don't you participate in my challange? it is going on right now on my blog and it doesn't even have a busy schedule! :) waiting for you xoxo

  2. Wowowow! lol This is one cool-looking polish!


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