Friday, January 10, 2014

A England: Her Rose Adagio

Good morning, everyone!  I happy its the weekend, but that means back to school next week.  I don't have a heavy schedule at all this semester, but none the less.  Its still school!  Anyway, Ill need my polish to get me through it, that and my Doctor Who.  I have thrown myself into Doctor Who lately, and I can't seem to get out of it.  Not that I want to, I got some awesome Doctor Who stuff for Christmas and I'm just so in love.

This is A England Her Rose Adagio.  I got this as a Christmas gift from my sister, and boy did she do well!  This is a rose shade of holographic polish.  I love the way this one looks on me.  I was really nervous it would give me lobster hands, as some rose shades tend to do on me, but it didn't at all!  It has a metallic lean to it and paired with the holographic, it makes this really unique.  I don't have anything even remotely similar in my collection.  I used two coats and formula was perfect.  Not so surprisingly! Ha!

What do you guys this of this shade?


  1. This is really pretty. Idina and A-England really know how to do a holo!
    I got tons of Doctor Who stuff for Christmas too! The best things were a disappearing TARDIS coffee mug and a TARDIS jewelry box :)

  2. super pearly almost mirror-ish. i don't own any a-england bottle, not sure why i didn't buy any while in Scotland, but I hear it has a good fame.

  3. I really need an A-England or two... or seven. :) Gorgeous swatch love. And I should try out some Dr Who huh? Where do I start? The reason I've never gotten fully into it is b/c I don't know where to start!

  4. Yay for Doctor Who! :D
    This polish looks amazing!


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