Friday, December 13, 2013

Zoya: Payton

Happy Friday, all!  Its finally the end of finals week.  It feels so much better to be done with them.  Plus now I can focus on my nails more.  They seemed to have taken a beating, especially with the colder weather.  I also have a ton more holiday polishes to go through.  So lots of fun upcoming posts!

This is actually the mani I wore for Thanksgiving. Its taken me a while to post it, I'm not sure why though.  This is Zoya Payton.  Payton was released for Zoya's holiday Zenith collection.  Its similar to their holiday polishes last year (Storm, Aurora and Blaze) with the holographic shards that really give the polish depth.  I will never get enough of these polishes.  So stunning.  Payton is a deep cranberry shade that has the slightest brown lean.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house and my aunt and cousin just loved the color, they ended up painting their nails after dinner!  Haha.  I used two coats and the formula was great, no issues.  Like, I said I will never get enough of these stunner, I could use a green one (eh hem Zoya!) Haha!


You can purchase this shade from Zoya.


  1. this is one of the best Zoya's shades I've ever seen!

  2. What a gorgeous shade! I keep thinking about getting these and then changing my mind...and then smacking my foreead SO HARD when I see swatches again because they are so, so pretty!!

    1. Omigosh, PS: Congratulations on finishing with your finals! (^_^)

  3. Yay for being done with finals! This polish looks beautiful!


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