Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday: Gift Mani

Hey guys!  This week's Twisnie Tuesday is another fun one.  Actually, every week is a fun one, I just particularly like the ones where we each are assigned a manicure by some one else.  This week is a 'gift mani'.  Each Twisnie was assigned another girl to 'gift' a mani to really stretch their talents.  Elizabeth from Did My Nails gave me my gift, so lets see what I was assigned!

Elizabeth told me to do an animal print mani based on a holiday season!  I decided to go with a Chrismas Zebra print.  I celebrate Christmas, so that's why I picked it.  I used Illamasqua Scorch as a base and alternated fingers with OPI Skip The Gift Wrap and OPI Die Another Day.  Both are shimmery colors, so I thought that made them more 'holiday'.  Its been a while since I've done a free hand zebra print, so this actually did stretch my talents!  It was good to practice it.  I liked the end result, but the animal print does look a bit odd in the red and green.  Haha!  What do you guys think?

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  1. I think this came out really cool, I love the alternating colors.

  2. I like it. It's a good way of wearing a chrismtas manicure without going to obvious

  3. Kelly, this is so cute! I really love zebra print, and anything red and green!

  4. I just knew this was a stamp! Awesome job doll.

  5. Freehand?! No freaking way. You did a great job!!

  6. This is really nice!! Awesome job!

  7. I still don't feel skilled enough for zebra print.. :( great job on you!

  8. Aw a Christmas animal print! This is too cute!

  9. Kelly, these are amazing!! You absolutely rock zebra print, and I love the rich, shimmery colours you picked. So, so awesome!! ^_^


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