Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Picture Polish: Mallard

Hey guys!  I know I have so many holiday polishes to get through. Buuuuttt I can't help myself when beautiful Picture Polish lands on my doorstep.  I picked up a few more for myself for a 'Christmas' present to myself.

This is Picture Polish Mallard.  Mallard is a collaboration polish with the blogger The Polishaholic.  The Polishaholic was one of the first blogs I followed and I'm still following her today.  You can always count on honest posts from her, plus great swatches!  Mallard is a dark forest green with really interesting shards in it.  The shards in this shift between emerald and orange.  There's also a more than subtle shimmer in emerald in this.  I used two coats for this and formula was great.  Upon removal I did notice the slightest of staining in my dry cuticle area.  I washed my hands afterward and it was gone, so its nothing too serious, but something to note.  I love this dark shade, its so interesting and totally unique!

I purchased this shade from Llarowe.


  1. your nails look like stones with this lacquer, and it looks amazing in the bottle too!

  2. What a great present to yourself hehe. It's a beautiful shade!


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