Thursday, December 12, 2013

Picture Polish: Majesty

Hello guys!  I have been super busy between work and school and real life, that I feel like my nails have taken a hit of sorts.  I apologize for the lack of exciting nail art.  However, I try to make up for it with stunning shades by your favorite brands!  Well, my favorite brands at least! Haha!  I know, I know, two Picture Polish in one week, I promise you guys won't be upset with this shade!

Today's stunning shade is brought to you by Picture Polish (big shocker there!).  This is Picture Polish Majesty and OMG it's so beautiful!  This is a sheer gold polish that is packed with holographic shards that leans a little copper. I used three coats for this as its very sheer, I'm sure if you layered it it would be just as stunning.  Its like the perfect combination of subtle beauty and stunning beauty.  Plus all the holographic sparkle just makes you swoon.  Application was a smooth dream with no issues.

What do you guys think of this shade?  I purchased this from Llarowe.

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