Friday, December 6, 2013

KB Shimmer: Will Yule Marry Me?

Its finally Friday!  I am ready for this week, and next week for that matter, to be over.  I am not feeling trekking out into the snow for school.  O well, though, at least it looks pretty.  I have another shade from KB Shimmer to show off today, and this one is a blogger collaboration shade with The Nail Network.

I have followed The Nail Network for a while now and I am a huge fan.  I was excited to see that she was part of the list of bloggers that had a collaboration shade coming out.  This was to commemorate her engagement last Christmas.  This is KB Shimmer Will Yule Marry Me?  A beautiful shade of navy with holographic hexes and circles.  I used two coats with this and the formula was great.  I was a little wary of how it would apply, with all of that glitter, but it was surprisingly smooth!  It also smoothed out very nice with topcoat.  I found that this looks much darker on the nail than it does in the bottle.  A very stunning shade!

You can purchase KB Shimmer from the website.


  1. I have this one on right now! And I agree, it is MUCH darker on the nail than it seems it would be. Although, I have shorties right now and I think it goes wonderfully with them :)

  2. This is so beautiful! I just love the glitters in the dark base.

  3. wow that's really great, I love the big transparent circles ressembling bubbles!

  4. Wow, it's like bubbles in outer space, and I mean that in the most amazing way--this is so, so cool! ^_^


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