Monday, December 23, 2013

KB Shimmer: Snow Flaking Way

Good morning guys!  ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS.  Who's excited?  I love seeing everyone open the gifts I give them.  That also means Christmas polishes.

This is KB Shimmer Snow Flaking Way.  This polish is a deep purple jelly polish packed with glitters in blue, holographic and snowflakes!  I was immediately drawn to it because of the snowflakes.  How cute are they!?  I used two coats and found the application to be a little tricky.  The snowflakes come out a little better if you shake the bottle really quick before applying to each nail.  I found the issue with getting the base to be even.  I would want more base where I had the larger glitters and snowflakes, but less overall.  It made for a slightly aggravating application, and a third coat.  I loved the result on my nails,  I just didn't like the amount of work put into it.  It was really sparkly and pretty!

You can find KB Shimmer polishes from their website.


  1. I'm excited!! I'm exciteeeeed! :D
    Gorgeous polish!!
    Have a very merry and happy awesomeness-filled Christmas! <3!!

  2. this is lovely, like a typical snowy christmas night!


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