Monday, December 30, 2013

KB Shimmer: Green Hex & Glam

Good morning, all!  Happy Monday.  I'm almost through all of my holiday polishes.  I had recently filed my nails down wayyyy too low.  I had super nubbins for a long time.  Which also deterred me from taking any photos of recent manis.  They have finally grown back, so I can go back to regular scheduled posting!

This is KB Shimmer Green Hex & Glam, released with this years holiday collection.  Its a deep green jelly polish with various sized hexes in a holographic silver.  It was another jelly polish in which the base was hard to get even.  Three coats would probably be best for that, so rather than just trying to brush it all even, you build to it.  I ended up using two coats and filling in where I thought it was uneven.  It ended up being such a beautiful polish.  All of those hexes catch the light at their own individual time, and it leaves you with a stunning effect!

You can purchase this shade from KB Shimmer's Website.


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