Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Different Dimension: Why Am I Such A Misfit?

Happy Wednesday, all!   So, I'm going full swing into Christmas polishes now that its December.  I'm also trying hard to get all of my shopping done well ahead of time.  I'm about halfway done.  The polish for today is part of Different Dimension's winter collection.  Lets take a look!

This is Different Dimension Why Am I Such A Misfit?  I loved this one at first sight.  A perfect blend of winter-y glitters with a boost of neon.  The base is a white jelly base with circle, star, hex and square glitters in pastels and neons.  There's also this beautiful iridescent shimmer throughout the base that really makes this polish.  I used two coats.  This is a bit thick to apply because of all the glitter.  I also had some trouble getting the base to get even, so I recommend layering it.  I loved the base color though, just the right color of white to look some what nude.  Plus its such a fun polish to amp up your nails after all those vampy reds and blues. What do you guys think of neons in winter?

 You can purchase Different Dimension from the Etsy shop.


  1. omg this is one of the most lovely out there! even cuter then rainbow honey's "magic cake"!

  2. Reading the title, I started singing the song! This polish is so sweet and cute :)

  3. I could not love this more. It's so soft and sweet and beautiful, and I started singing the song too, and excuse me, I have to go buy this NOW!


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