Monday, December 16, 2013

An Epic Picture Polish Dotticure

Hey guys!  So recently, Amanda from Amandalandish challenged me to do a manicure with all of my Picture Polish shades.  I read her email and literally laughed out loud.  EVERY shade?  She had to be kidding!  There was no way I could do it.  Right?  Wrong.  I totally accepted her challenge after getting defensive at my head for automatically denying my nail skills!  Haha!

This is what I came up with.  An Epic Picture Polish Dotticure.  I thought to myself, what would be easy, but new to me, and could contain all of my shades.  Now, I have over twenty shades of Picture Polish.  And, no its not an obsession, its a collection.  Haha!  But that being said, it would be hard to do just any manicure with them.  With a dotticure, I could keep it simple and make the dots small enough to gradient all of the shades throughout my nails.  And that's just what I did! I used the following shades:

Thumb: Atomic, White Wedding, Douceur, Sunset
Pointer: Sunset, Love, Fairy Floss, Candy, Electric Dream, Shocked
Middle: Monroe, Vampire, Wisteria, Shy Violet, Imperial, Attitude, Sky, Whimsy, Ocean
Ring: Freya's Cats, Cosmos, Tiffany, Siren Song, Honeydew, Sea Jewel, Camo
Pinky: Kryptonite, Mallard, Demeter, Majesty

Whew, that's a lot of shades!  How do you guys like this?  I hope I did Amanda's challenge justice!  Haha!

You can find Picture Polish and where to buy from their website.


  1. lol! This is so awesome! I love that you took on her challenge! It looks beautiful!

  2. Love it! Congrats on finding such a great way of using every shade :)

  3. LOVELY!!! I like the color u choose for the base, makes it look like if u dottet natural skin, and the overall is cute and fun!


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